Frogcast: AI-Enhanced Weather API

Frogcast provides an AI-enhanced weather API delivering precise, ultra-local forecasts. It enables improved strategic decisions in agriculture and other industries by integrating real-time, historical, and probabilistic weather data.


In an increasingly data-driven world, timely and accurate weather information is not just beneficial—it is a necessity. Frogcast’s AI-enhanced Weather API is at the forefront, offering businesses and organizations the capability to make informed decisions with the most precise and localized weather data available.

Advanced Forecasting Technology Frogcast leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver ultra-localized weather forecasts that are crucial for industries such as agriculture, logistics, and building management. This AI-driven approach allows for detailed predictions that can delve down to a 1-kilometer range, providing organizations with the specific data they need for their operations.

Adaptable to Diverse Industries Whether it’s optimizing crop schedules in agriculture based on weather predictions or managing construction timelines to avoid weather delays, Frogcast’s API adapits seamlessly across various sectors. Its versatility also extends to logistics, where accurate weather forecasts can significantly optimize routing and reduce delays.

Technical Specifications

  • Spatial Resolution: Forecasts with up to 1 km granularity.
  • Update Frequency: Real-time data provision.
  • Coverage: Global weather data.
  • Data Points: Includes over 26 weather variables such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation.

About Frogcast Based in the United States, Frogcast is the product of a collaboration between seasoned meteorologists and data scientists dedicated to integrating atmospheric science with advanced computing techniques. The company has quickly established itself as a reliable source for high-resolution weather data tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

Please visit Frogcast’s website for more detailed information.

With an emphasis on reliability and user-friendliness, Frogcast’s API not only supports real-time weather updates but also provides historical weather data, enabling businesses to perform trend analysis and better understand long-term climatic patterns. This capability is essential for sectors where historical weather patterns significantly impact decision-making processes, such as in agriculture for planning planting or harvesting, or in building management for structural integrity assessments based on climatic conditions.

Empowering Businesses with Actionable Insights Frogcast’s API is a powerful tool that transforms raw weather data into actionable insights, empowering businesses to plan more effectively and reduce risks associated with adverse weather conditions. Its detailed probabilistic forecasts provide various scenarios, helping decision-makers to consider different outcomes and prepare for various weather conditions.