Guardian SC1: Automated Aerial Crop Protection


The Guardian SC1 enhances farm productivity through its fully automated aerial system, delivering precise, repeatable crop protection. It’s built for ease of use and robust coverage, supporting American agriculture with advanced technology.

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The Guardian SC1 stands as a testament to the fusion of precision agriculture and technological innovation, designed to meet the specific needs of modern farming practices in the United States. This fully automated, electric-powered aerial crop protection system offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, setting a new standard for sustainable farming.

Efficient and Precise Crop Protection

At the core of the Guardian SC1’s design is its ability to deliver precise, repeatable coverage over large areas, ensuring that no part of the crop is over or under-treated. This level of precision is achieved through state-of-the-art RTK/GNSS navigation systems, allowing for exact flight paths and application areas.

The system’s rapid tank fill and supercharge capability, which completes in just one minute, coupled with a 200 lbs payload capacity, enable the Guardian SC1 to cover up to 60 acres per hour—a rate that significantly surpasses traditional methods.

Sustainable Farming Practices

The environmental benefits of the Guardian SC1 are noteworthy. Its electric operation not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with crop protection but also minimizes the risk of chemical runoff, thanks to its precise application. Furthermore, by flying above the crops, the system eliminates the risk of soil compaction and plant damage, promoting healthier soil and plant life.

Operational Simplicity

Guardian Agriculture has designed the SC1 with the user in mind, simplifying the operational process to ensure that farmers and agricultural workers can easily integrate this technology into their existing practices. The system’s automation removes the need for manual control during application, while features like auto-protect and return-to-home functions guarantee safety and reliability during operation.

About Guardian Agriculture

Guardian Agriculture is a US-based company that prides itself on developing advanced agricultural technologies that support sustainable farming practices. With a history rooted in innovation and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Guardian Agriculture is dedicated to providing American farmers with tools that enhance productivity while reducing environmental impact.

For further information and technical specifications on the Guardian SC1, please visit: Guardian Agriculture’s website.

The Guardian SC1 system is available starting at $119k, with deliveries slated to begin in mid-2024. A fully refundable $500 deposit is required for reservation, making it an accessible investment for farms looking to elevate their crop protection strategies with advanced technology.

By adopting the Guardian SC1, farmers can not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their crop protection efforts but also contribute to the broader goal of sustainable agriculture. This system embodies the future of farming, where technology and tradition converge to create a more productive and environmentally friendly agricultural sector.


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