H2D55 HevenDrones: Hydrogen-Powered Precision Drone

The H2D55 drone sets a new standard in aerial technology with its hydrogen power, offering a remarkable 100-minute flight endurance and 7 kg payload capacity.


HevenDrones, hailing from the Mevo Carmel Science and Industry Park in Israel, has distinguished itself as a leader in drone innovation. Their latest offering, the H2D55, unveiled at IDEX 2023, is a testament to this claim. The ‘H2’ designation highlights its hydrogen-fueled capabilities, providing an energy efficiency five times that of traditional battery systems. This not only extends the drone’s flight time but also offers reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs, with fuel cells outlasting batteries by a significant margin. Read more about drones.

Aerodynamics and Stability

The H2D55 features an aerodynamically designed fuselage, augmented with short wings that provide lift during high-speed flight. Its unique configuration of eight rotors, organized in pairs on four booms, delivers both vertical lift and horizontal thrust. HevenDrones has meticulously engineered the drone to maintain stability even when the center of gravity is shifted significantly, a critical feature for transporting varied payloads.

Payload and Endurance Capabilities

This UAV can carry a maximum payload of 7 kg and, with a 5 kg load, achieves an endurance of 100 minutes and a range of over 60 km at speeds reaching 15 m/s. This capability is crucial for applications ranging from critical military deliveries to agricultural tasks such as scouting, fertilizing, spraying, and seeding.

Hydrogen Power: A Sustainable Future

HevenDrones’ collaboration with Plug Power underscores their commitment to safety and sustainability, having rigorously tested the drone’s fuel cells in extreme conditions. By increasing the allowable pressure of hydrogen in the fuel cells, HevenDrones aims to further extend the drone’s endurance and range, with a target of two hours of flight time and over 100 km range on the horizon.


Military and Agricultural Utility

Already in operational use by the Israeli military, the H2D55’s versatility also makes it ideal for agriculture, allowing farmers to scale their use of drone technology while minimizing environmental and ownership costs. HevenDrones’ vision extends beyond the H2D55, with plans to introduce larger drones with even greater payload capacities in the near future.

Flight Endurance100 min with 5 kg payload
Max Payload7 kg
Max Speed15 m/s
Operational StabilityHigh CG tolerance
Fuel TypeHydrogen cells

Embracing the Hydrogen Revolution

The H2D55 is just the beginning of HevenDrones’ hydrogen-powered drone lineup, promising a range of drones that will bring new capabilities to both military and commercial sectors. With an eye on sustainability and efficiency, HevenDrones is poised to redefine the drone market.


Unmatched Performance in the Skies

Designed to excel, the H2D55 boasts impressive specifications that cater to demanding commercial and defense needs. Its ability to carry payloads up to 7 kg combined with a swift maximum speed positions it as a leader in its class.

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