Herdwatch: Farm Livestock Management Software

Herdwatch offers robust tools for farmers to manage livestock health, breeding cycles, and productivity efficiently. It streamlines farm management processes, facilitating better decision-making and increased productivity.


In the complex world of farming, managing livestock efficiently is pivotal to maintaining a sustainable operation. Herdwatch, a leading livestock management software, addresses this need by offering a suite of tools that help farmers monitor and optimize the health, productivity, and breeding of their animals. This digital solution is designed to make the data-heavy aspects of farm management more accessible and actionable, enabling farmers to make informed decisions quickly.

Efficient Livestock Tracking and Health Management

Farmers need accurate, up-to-date information on their livestock to manage health and productivity effectively. Herdwatch provides a comprehensive platform where all aspects of animal health, from vaccination records to treatment histories, are easily logged and monitored. This centralized data hub helps in preventing disease outbreaks by ensuring timely health interventions and maintaining detailed health records for compliance and auditing purposes.

Breeding and Productivity Optimization

Breeding management is another critical component of livestock farming. Herdwatch simplifies the tracking of breeding cycles and gestation periods, making it easier for farmers to achieve optimal breeding results. The app also enables tracking of productivity metrics such as milk yield and weight gain, providing farmers with valuable insights that can lead to improved breeding strategies and overall herd performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Connectivity: Real-time data synchronization with offline access capability
  • Features: Health and breeding management, productivity tracking, compliance reporting
  • Security: Robust data encryption and secure cloud storage

About Herdwatch

Herdwatch, part of FRS Network and headquartered in Ireland, has revolutionized farm management through its innovative software solutions. With a commitment to supporting farmers in their daily operations, Herdwatch has become an indispensable tool for over 20,000 users worldwide. The company continues to lead in the development of agricultural technology, driving forward the digital transformation of farming practices.

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