Hiphen Application Suite: Comprehensive Plant Phenotyping

The Hiphen Application Suite enhances plant phenotyping accuracy across various environments with specialized solutions like PhenoScale, PhenoMobile, PhenoStation, and PhenoResearch. These tools facilitate critical agricultural insights through advanced imaging technologies.


Hiphen has been at the forefront of plant phenotyping technology since its inception in 2014. Leveraging a deep understanding of sensor technologies and data integration, the company offers tailored solutions that cater to various agricultural needs through its innovative suite of products.

PhenoScale®: Elevating Crop Analysis

PhenoScale® utilizes drone technology to provide scalable and efficient phenotyping solutions. This system simplifies the process of crop monitoring and data collection, offering robust analytics capabilities that empower researchers and agronomists to make informed decisions.


  • Drone-based data acquisition
  • Extensive analytics for phenotyping
  • Application in large-scale farming operations

PhenoMobile®: Precision in Plant Assessment

PhenoMobile® stands out with its high-resolution imaging capabilities, ideal for detailed plant assessments. This ground-based system is particularly effective in early-stage disease detection and yield prediction, essential for optimizing agricultural output.


  • High-resolution imaging
  • Early detection of plant diseases
  • Yield estimation capabilities

PhenoStation®: Custom Solutions for Controlled Environments

PhenoStation® is specifically designed for greenhouse environments, offering customizable imaging systems that can be seamlessly integrated into agricultural databases. This solution enhances the precision of crop analytics within controlled settings.


  • Tailored for greenhouse use
  • Seamless integration with management systems
  • Enhanced data accuracy

PhenoResearch®: Support for Innovative R&D

PhenoResearch® provides a platform for developing bespoke phenotyping applications. By offering access to its advanced phenotyping infrastructure, Hiphen supports innovative research projects tailored to meet specific scientific needs.


  • Custom R&D project support
  • Access to advanced phenotyping technologies
  • Tailored to specific research requirements

Technical Specifications

  • Imaging Capabilities: RGB, multispectral, 3D, and thermal imaging
  • Sensor Integration: Options for drone, ground, and stationary setups
  • Data Handling: Real-time data processing and integration capabilities
  • Adaptability: Systems designed for diverse agricultural environments from fields to greenhouses

About Hiphen

Founded in 2014, Hiphen has quickly established itself as a leader in agricultural imaging and data solutions. Based in France, the company has dedicated itself to enhancing agricultural research and operations worldwide through innovative phenotyping technologies. Hiphen’s commitment to research and development continues to yield cutting-edge solutions that significantly improve crop management and production processes.

For more detailed information about how Hiphen can support your agricultural research and operations, please visit the Hiphen website.