Hylio AG-272: High-Capacity Agricultural Drone

The Hylio AG-272 agricultural drone optimizes field spraying with an 18-gallon capacity, enabling coverage of up to 50 acres per hour for superior crop management.


The Hylio AG-272 stands out as a “Texas-sized” drone, offering a voluminous 68.2-liter (18-gallon) capacity and a sweeping 12.2-meter (40-foot) swath width. It is a powerhouse designed to cover up to 50 acres per hour at a 7.6-liter (2-gallon) per acre application rate, making it an ideal system for producers and applicators aiming to manage extensive acreage efficiently​​.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

The AG-272’s waterproof, fully autonomous, eight-rotor UAS platform is a marvel of precision engineering. It incorporates a high-precision spraying system complete with TeeJet nozzles and electronic flowmeters, ensuring meticulous application of treatment materials. With real-time access to essential flight data such as GPS position, flow rate, and altitude, operators are equipped with all the necessary information to execute precise spraying tasks​​.

Navigational Excellence with Comprehensive Safety

Achieving accuracy with centimeter-level precision is facilitated by the AG-272’s compatibility with Hylio’s RTK base station. The onboard GPS units are ready to connect to the base station, ensuring ultra-precise positioning. In addition to GPS technology, the AG-272 boasts a near-complete sphere of radar detection and avoidance, with multiple wide-angle radars that cover all directions, adding an essential layer of operational safety​​.

Navigation and Safety

With radar sensors for real-time obstacle detection and RTK-compatible GPS for centimeter-level accuracy, the AG-272 ensures safe and precise operations in varied terrains​​.

Visual Monitoring

The AG-272 allows for 1080p first-person-view video streaming, offering operators real-time visuals for both autonomous and manual control applications​​.

Comprehensive Features

  • Manufacturer: Hylio, USA
  • Max Payload Capacity: 68.2 liters (18 gallons)
  • Rotors: 8, providing an effective swath width of up to 12.2 meters (40 feet)
  • Max Flow Rate: 15 liters (4 gallons) per minute
  • Spray Capacity: Up to 50 acres (20.2 hectares) per hour
  • Max Flight Time: 10-15 minutes with full payload
  • Battery Capacity: 42,000 mAh, with two batteries used simultaneously for flight
  • Standard Charge Time: 25-30 minutes
  • Retail Price: Starting at $80,000​​

Support and Delivery, Power, System

Hylio provides remote technical support and assists with regulatory onboarding. The drone comes with a one-year warranty, comprehensive training materials, and lifetime access to AgroSol ground control software​​.

The AG-272 uses smart lithium polymer batteries, which can be charged in approximately 30 minutes, and includes all necessary tools for maintenance and operation​​.

The drone is designed with an eight-rotor UAS platform and comes equipped with a high-precision spraying system, including TeeJet nozzles and electronic flowmeters for efficient application​​.


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