IAV’s Automated Fruit Picking Robot

IAV’s automated fruit picking robot is a pioneering solution that utilizes cutting-edge AI, robotics, and machine vision to autonomously harvest fruits with remarkable precision and efficiency. This revolutionary technology addresses the challenges of labor shortages, reduces reliance on manual labor, and promotes sustainable farming practices.


The agricultural industry faces a multitude of challenges, including labor shortages, increasing demand for food production, and the need to adopt sustainable practices to protect the environment. These challenges have highlighted the need for innovative solutions that can enhance productivity, reduce reliance on manual labor, and promote environmental stewardship.

IAV’s Automated Fruit Picking Robot: A Beacon of Innovation

In response to these challenges, IAV has developed an automated fruit picking robot that represents a paradigm shift in harvest automation. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly combines advanced AI, robotics, and machine vision capabilities to autonomously harvest fruits with remarkable precision and efficiency.

Addressing Labor Shortages and Enhancing Productivity

IAV’s automated fruit picking robot effectively addresses the pressing issue of labor shortages in the agricultural sector. By automating the harvesting process, this technology reduces the reliance on manual labor, allowing farmers to allocate their workforce to other critical tasks, such as crop management and quality control.


Promoting Sustainable Farming Practices

IAV’s automated fruit picking robot contributes significantly to sustainable farming practices. Its precise harvesting capabilities minimize fruit damage and loss, reducing the need for pesticides and other post-harvest treatments. Additionally, the robot’s electric-powered operation minimizes carbon emissions, further promoting environmental sustainability.

Unveiling the Technological Prowess

IAV’s automated fruit picking robot is equipped with a suite of advanced technologies that enable it to perform its tasks with remarkable precision and efficiency:

  • AI-powered fruit detection and qualification: The robot’s AI algorithms employ machine vision to identify and qualify fruits based on their color, size, and ripeness.

  • Patented gripper technology: The robot’s patented gripper gently grasps and harvests fruits without causing damage, ensuring optimal fruit quality.

  • Autonomous operation: The robot navigates autonomously within the rows, avoiding obstacles and adapting to changes in the environment.

Technical Specifications

Picking performance (target values)220 kg/day24/7 operation with 20h net operation time, >80% efficiency, >95% quality
DimensionsApproximately 1.7 x 0.8 x 2.0 m, 350 kg

The robot showcases remarkable efficiency and endurance in its operational capabilities. Designed for continuous 24/7 usage, it manages an impressive 220 kg daily throughput. Its performance is finely tuned, maintaining over 80% efficiency and exceeding 95% quality in its tasks. This consistency is sustained even during its 20-hour net operating time each day, demonstrating both resilience and precision. Such capabilities make it an invaluable asset in environments demanding high productivity and accuracy.

Protected Intellectual Property (IP) and Special Features

  • Numerous patents applied for or granted for the gripper, energy supply, and detection algorithm.
  • Autonomous operation inside the rows.
  • AI-based fruit detection and qualification.
  • High priority on functional robustness.
  • Core components capable of being carried over to other harvesting robot solutions.
  • The robotic arm is adaptable to different crops.

IAV’s automated fruit picking robot represents a transformative step forward in agricultural automation, addressing the challenges of labor shortages, enhancing productivity, and promoting sustainable farming practices. With its advanced AI, robotics, and machine vision capabilities, this revolutionary technology is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient agricultural future.