John Deere W260M: High-Power Windrower

The John Deere W260M introduces high horsepower and a mounted-merger for cutting through dense crops, elevating farm productivity with reduced labor. Designed for seamless integration with advanced agricultural technology, it provides solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and profitability for dairy feed producers and others within the agriculture sector.


In the realm of modern agriculture, efficiency and innovation stand at the forefront of technological advancement. The John Deere W260M windrower exemplifies these principles, bringing a new level of productivity and precision to the field. With its high horsepower and innovative features, this windrower is tailored for the demanding needs of today’s farmers.

Enhanced Performance for Modern Agriculture

The W260M is designed with a potent 260 hp engine, setting a new standard for windrowers in its class. This powerful engine ensures that even the most challenging crops can be cut efficiently, without sacrificing speed or quality. The introduction of the mounted-merger option is a significant innovation, allowing farmers to combine up to 48 feet of crop into a single windrow. This not only minimizes the need for multiple passes but also reduces fuel consumption and crop damage, contributing to a more sustainable farming practice.

Advanced Features for Precision Farming

John Deere’s commitment to technology-driven farming is evident in the W260M. Equipped with AutoTrac™ guidance and TouchSet™ control systems, this windrower allows for precise adjustments to windrow shape and conditioning, directly from the cab. These features, along with the integration with the John Deere Operations Center, enable enhanced job tracking and decision-making, ensuring optimal performance and output.

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine Power: 260 hp maximum
  • Mounting Options: Optional mounted-merger for up to 48 feet windrow combinations
  • Technology: AutoTrac™ guidance, TouchSet™ windrow shape, and conditioning adjustments
  • Compatibility: John Deere Operations Center for enhanced mowing documentation and tracking

About John Deere

Founded in 1837, John Deere has grown from a small blacksmith shop into a global leader in agricultural equipment manufacturing. With its headquarters in Moline, Illinois, USA, the company has dedicated itself to those linked to the land with its innovative products and services. John Deere’s legacy is built on the core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation, striving to provide equipment that empowers farmers to become more efficient and sustainable.

John Deere’s extensive history and commitment to the advancement of agricultural technology have positioned it as a pivotal figure in the agriculture sector. The company’s dedication to developing solutions that meet the challenges of modern farming underscores its role in shaping the future of agriculture.

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