Kumulus: Livestock Data Management

Kumulus specializes in aggregating real-time livestock data, offering robust solutions for data collection, analysis, and management. Its platform facilitates improved decision-making for enhanced farm productivity and animal welfare.


Kumulus brings to the agricultural sector a sophisticated livestock data management system that streamlines the collection, analysis, and dissemination of real-time farm data. By integrating various data sources such as IoT devices and existing farm equipment, Kumulus provides a seamless solution designed to enhance operational efficiencies and promote better livestock management practices.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Kumulus excels at creating a unified view of farm operations by harnessing data from multiple points of interaction. This integration allows farmers to gain a holistic understanding of their livestock’s health, productivity, and environmental conditions, supporting proactive management and swift decision-making. The system’s ability to collate and analyze data in real-time translates into actionable insights that can lead to significant improvements in animal welfare and farm productivity.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The platform’s advanced analytics engine interprets complex datasets to produce clear, actionable reports. Farmers can monitor various parameters such as animal movement, feed consumption, and growth rates, enabling them to make informed decisions that directly impact the efficiency of their operations. These capabilities not only optimize resource allocation but also enhance the overall sustainability of farming practices.

Technical Specifications

  • Data Input Compatibility: IoT devices, manual data entry, farm equipment
  • Supported Platforms: Web interface, mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  • Integration Features: API support for third-party services and applications
  • Data Security: Robust encryption and data protection measures
  • Analytics Tools: Customizable dashboards, automated reporting systems

About Kumulus

Founded and based in France, Kumulus has become a pivotal player in the agricultural technology landscape. The company focuses on developing solutions that address the specific needs of modern agriculture, particularly in livestock management. With years of expertise and a commitment to innovation, Kumulus continues to expand its impact on sustainable farming practices globally.

For more insights and detailed information, please visit: Kumulus’s website.