New Holland T9 SmartTrax: Flexible Track Tractor

The New Holland T9 SmartTrax brings a new level of adaptability to farming operations with its innovative SmartTrax system and a significant boost in horsepower. Designed for optimal field performance and comfort, it offers a new cab design and improved efficiency, ensuring a high productivity and comfort for operators.


The New Holland T9 SmartTrax tractor, slated for the model year 2025, is a testament to the continuous innovation in agricultural machinery. Incorporating the latest in Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence, this tractor is designed to meet the modern farmer’s needs for flexibility, power, and efficiency. The addition of the SmartTrax system, alongside improvements in horsepower, cabin design, and operational efficiency, makes it a noteworthy contender in the market.

The T9 SmartTrax is not just a step forward in terms of technological integration into farming equipment; it represents New Holland’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the productivity and sustainability of agricultural practices. With its adaptability to various terrains and conditions, courtesy of the choice between wheels and tracks, this tractor addresses the diverse requirements of today’s agricultural operations.

Enhanced Performance and Adaptability

The New Holland T9 SmartTrax introduces significant upgrades to its performance capabilities. A notable increase in horsepower ensures that challenging tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. This power boost is complemented by the tractor’s flexible SmartTrax system, which allows operators to switch between wheels and tracks based on the task at hand or the terrain being worked on.

Operator Comfort and Efficiency

Understanding the importance of operator comfort, New Holland has redesigned the cab of the T9 SmartTrax. The new cab is not only more spacious but also includes ergonomic features and advanced technology to make long hours in the field as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, improvements in the tractor’s efficiency underscore a commitment to reducing operational costs and environmental impact. These enhancements ensure that the T9 SmartTrax is both a powerful and sustainable option for modern agriculture.

Technical Specifications

  • Engine Type: Enhanced horsepower for superior performance
  • Transmission: Advanced transmission for efficient power delivery
  • Hydraulics: High-capacity hydraulics for versatile tool operation
  • SmartTrax System: Flexible track or wheel configuration for varied terrain adaptability
  • Cabin: Redesigned for maximum operator comfort and efficiency
  • Fuel Efficiency: Improved fuel efficiency to reduce operating costs and environmental footprint
  • PLM Intelligence: Integrated PLM Intelligence for precise and informed farming decisions

About New Holland

New Holland Agriculture, a global brand of agricultural machinery produced by CNH Industrial, has a rich history that dates back to 1895. Originating in New Holland, Pennsylvania, USA, the brand has grown to become a leader in the agricultural equipment market, offering a wide range of products including tractors, combine harvesters, balers, and more. Known for its innovative and reliable machinery, New Holland has a strong commitment to helping farmers improve their productivity and efficiency through advanced technology and sustainable practices.

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