PatternAg: Soil Biology Analysis Tool

PatternAg offers predictive agronomy solutions by analyzing soil biology to forecast agronomic outcomes with high accuracy. This innovative approach aids in making informed decisions for crop protection, seed selection, and fertility plans, targeting specifically corn and soybean growers.


In the realm of modern agriculture, the role of predictive analytics and soil biology has become increasingly paramount. PatternAg, a frontrunner in the field, exemplifies how innovative technologies can harness the complexities of soil biology to forecast agronomic outcomes with remarkable precision. This long description delves into the offerings and benefits of PatternAg’s solutions, underscored by a factual presentation of its services, their agricultural implications, and the company’s foundational ethos.

Harnessing Soil Biology for Predictive Agronomy

PatternAg stands at the confluence of agronomy and predictive analytics, offering a suite of solutions tailored to enhance the profitability and sustainability of farming operations. The company’s analytical services, including the Pressure Panel, Complete Bio, and Pattern 360, represent a comprehensive approach to understanding the biological underpinnings of soil health and its impact on crop yield and disease management.

A Closer Look at PatternAg’s Solutions

  • Pressure Panel: This foundational service targets the detection of economically significant pests and pathogens, offering farmers a proactive approach to crop protection. It is specifically designed to identify threats such as Corn Rootworm and Soybean Cyst Nematode, pivotal for strategic planning in corn and soybean cultivation.
  • Complete Bio: Building on the Pressure Panel, Complete Bio provides an expanded view, encompassing an additional 16 pathogens alongside vital soil health metrics. This broader spectrum of analysis equips growers with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of soil-borne diseases and their management.
  • Pattern 360: Representing the zenith of PatternAg’s offerings, Pattern 360 merges the insights of Complete Bio with an extensive nutrient analysis. This holistic view furnishes farmers with a 360-degree perspective of their soil’s health, empowering them with the data required to make informed decisions across all facets of crop management.

Streamlined Integration and Customer Success

The user experience is central to PatternAg’s service delivery, with an emphasis on seamless integration of field data into a comprehensive dashboard. This platform not only simplifies the process of soil sampling and analysis but also ensures that the resulting insights are accessible and actionable.

PatternAg’s dedication to customer success is manifested through personalized support, aimed at translating complex data into practical agricultural strategies.

The Science Behind the Service

At the heart of PatternAg’s success is a commitment to rigorous scientific research and development. The company’s methodologies are grounded in advanced genomics and data science, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and reliability in their predictive models. This scientific rigor is complemented by extensive field trials, further validating the effectiveness of their analytical services in real-world agricultural settings.

About PatternAg

PatternAg is headquartered in Emeryville, California, where a diverse team of scientists, agronomists, and technologists work collaboratively to advance the field of predictive agronomy. The company’s mission is rooted in a deep belief in the transformative potential of understanding soil biology, aiming to unlock unprecedented gains in agricultural productivity and efficiency. With over 33 analytics available to users, PatternAg continues to expand its offerings, driven by a passion for the future of agriculture and a commitment to the farmers they serve.

Please visit: PatternAg’s website for further information on their solutions, team, and how they are making a difference in the agricultural sector.

In conclusion, PatternAg exemplifies the integration of technology and agronomy, providing valuable insights that enable farmers to optimize their operations. The company’s predictive analytics services, founded on a deep understanding of soil biology, offer a proactive approach to crop management, enhancing yield potential and operational efficiency.


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