Perfarmer: Mobile Crop Marketing App

Perfarmer leverages real-time market data to help farmers manage crop sales more effectively, offering tools for strategic pricing and market monitoring.


Perfarmer is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the modern farmer who seeks efficiency and precision in managing crop sales. This mobile application integrates advanced market tracking with user-friendly functionalities to streamline the commercialization of crops, helping farmers optimize their sales strategies and enhance their farm’s profitability.

Essential Features of Perfarmer

The Perfarmer app is packed with features tailored to meet the specific needs of farmers:

  • Customizable Marketing Strategies: Develop and adjust your marketing tactics based on real-time data and your farm’s specific constraints.
  • Personalized Price Alerts: Get alerts when your target prices are reached in the market, ensuring you sell at the most opportune moments.
  • Real-Time Market Tracking: Stay updated with the latest price movements on Euronext and physical markets, enabling strategic decision-making.
  • Historical Data Access: Review past market data to predict future trends and plan your sales accordingly.
  • Risk Simulation Tools: Experiment with different selling scenarios to understand potential outcomes and make informed decisions.
  • Sales Logging and Management: Easily record and monitor your transactions, calculate average sale prices, and keep track of your total farm revenue and remaining stock.

Technical Specifications

  • Real-time integration with Euronext and physical market data
  • Customizable alerts for target price achievement
  • Historical pricing data for comprehensive market analysis
  • Risk assessment tools to simulate various market conditions
  • Sales management features to log and track transactions

Empowering Farmers Through Technology

At its core, Perfarmer stands out as a champion of farmer independence and informed decision-making. This tool is designed by combining deep agricultural knowledge with cutting-edge technological innovation. The application supports farmers in steering clear of emotional selling by providing objective, data-driven insights that guide their commercial activities.

About Perfarmer

Perfarmer was founded by a team that brings together extensive expertise in both agriculture and technology. The company is rooted in France, driven by a mission to empower farmers globally. With a commitment to independence, transparency, and proximity, Perfarmer maintains a sharp focus on delivering value directly to farmers without any intermediary influence.

For more information on how Perfarmer can transform your agricultural business, Please visit: Perfarmer’s website.