Safe Ag Systems: Agribusiness safety management

Safe Ag Systems is a comprehensive safety management software tailored for agribusinesses, offering features such as policy management, safety checklists, and inventory control to improve efficiency and reduce risk across multiple countries.


Safety management software for agribusiness

Looking for a comprehensive safety and compliance solution for your agribusiness? Look no further than Safe Ag Systems. This cutting-edge software provides you with the tools you need to manage your safety obligations with ease. From digitized record keeping to simplified reporting, Safe Ag Systems has you covered.

Available for: New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada

With Safe Ag Systems, you can:

  • Manage policies and procedures: Create, edit, and sign off on all of your company’s policies and procedures, and communicate your safety goals and expectations.
  • Create safety checklists: Design pre-operational safety checklists and track their performance.
  • Manage inventory: Digitally manage machinery, equipment, and chemicals, and keep track of maintenance records, unsafe equipment, and machinery hours.
  • Simplify audit and compliance: Store, maintain, and access all of your records in one location to streamline the audit process.
  • Access emergency management: Alert and locate your workers in an emergency, and access important information quickly.
  • Assign tasks on the go: Increase efficiency by creating, assigning, and following up on tasks for safety hazards, maintenance, or safety inspections.
  • Capture near misses and incidents: Initiate incident reports in the field and capture essential information to drive continuous improvement.
  • Maintain your training register: Manage tickets, licenses, certificates, and training, and receive reminders when they expire.
  • Store worker and contractor records: Create and send documents for signing, and securely store contracts, health information, and insurance certificates in one place.

In addition, Safe Ag Systems provides a safety rating to track the health of your safety system, and allows you to perform risk assessments and implement controls. Plus, for businesses just starting out with a safety management system, consultants are available to provide support and training.

Safe Ag Systems offers three pricing options to meet the needs of your agribusiness:

  • Freemium: $0/year (limited to 1 user), with access to perform multiple risk assessments.
  • Standard: $900/year AUD + GST (includes 1 user), with basic features for small teams.
  • Professional: $1800/year AUD + GST (includes 1 user), with access to all features for medium to large enterprises.

Get started with Safe Ag Systems today and simplify the management of your safety and compliance obligations.