The Herbicide GUSS: Autonomous Precision Sprayer


The Herbicide GUSS is an autonomous robotic spray vehicle designed to enhance precision, efficiency, and sustainability in orchard management. Its advanced weed detection technology enables targeted herbicide application, reducing labor and material costs while promoting environmental safety.

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The Herbicide GUSS is a groundbreaking autonomous robotic spray vehicle designed to revolutionize modern orchard management. Developed by GUSS Automation, this innovative sprayer combines advanced weed detection technology, labor reduction capabilities, and a commitment to environmental sustainability to address the challenges faced by today’s growers. In this comprehensive product description, we will delve into the features and benefits of the Herbicide GUSS and explore its potential to transform the agricultural industry. Discover how this cutting-edge solution, backed by industry veterans and in collaboration with John Deere, offers seamless integration with existing systems and positions itself as a valuable addition to any orchard management strategy.

The Herbicide GUSS robotic vehicle only applies herbicide where it detects weeds

Advanced Weed Detection Technology

The Herbicide GUSS utilizes a sophisticated weed detection system, employing nine sensors that accurately identify, target, and spot spray weeds on the orchard floor. By integrating this cutting-edge technology, the Herbicide GUSS ensures that herbicides are applied precisely, minimizing material usage and drift during the application process. This benefits the environment and enhances the safety of both the operator and the produce.

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Customizable for Various Orchard Types

The Herbicide GUSS is designed to cater to diverse orchard types and layouts. Its hydraulically controlled, height-adjustable booms accommodate 18-to-22-foot row spacing and can be tilted to adapt to different berm sizes. This level of customization allows the Herbicide GUSS to seamlessly integrate with various orchard configurations, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Labor Reduction and Enhanced Worker Safety

In an industry facing labor shortages and increasing concerns for worker safety, the Herbicide GUSS provides a timely solution. This autonomous herbicide sprayer significantly reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for a tractor driver. Additionally, the remote monitoring capabilities ensure that a single operator can oversee multiple GUSS, mini GUSS, and Herbicide GUSS sprayers from the safety of their vehicle, minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The precision spraying capabilities of the Herbicide GUSS contribute to a more sustainable approach to orchard management. Applying herbicides only where needed minimizes the chemicals released into the environment. This reduces the potential for groundwater contamination and other environmental hazards and aligns with the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Collaboration with Industry Experts

The development of the Herbicide GUSS results from the collaboration between GUSS Automation and seasoned professionals in the agricultural industry. The team behind GUSS comprises ag industry veterans with a shared vision of increasing efficiency, precision, and safety in agriculture by implementing innovative technologies. Their combined expertise ensures that the Herbicide GUSS is a well-designed and reliable solution for modern orchard management.

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Streamlined Maintenance and Repair

To minimize downtime and keep the Herbicide GUSS operating at peak efficiency, the vehicle has been designed with ease of maintenance and repair in mind. In case of any issues, the operator receives real-time alerts on their dashboard, allowing them to identify and address the problem quickly. Furthermore, when the operator approaches the vehicle wearing a special vest, it wirelessly communicates with the vehicle to halt movement and spraying, ensuring a safe environment for maintenance and repair work.

Integration with Existing Agricultural Systems

The Herbicide GUSS is designed to integrate with existing agricultural systems and equipment seamlessly. Through the joint venture with John Deere, the GUSS lineup, including the Herbicide GUSS, is now part of the John Deere High-Value Crop solutions offering. This collaboration ensures compatibility with John Deere’s extensive range of agricultural equipment, simplifying integration and adoption for growers.

Herbicide GUSS Key Features

  • Autonomous technology: GPS, LiDAR, sensors, and software for efficient guidance
  • Spot spraying technology: Multiple weed detection sensors for precision spraying
  • Enhanced safety: Reduced human error and exposure to chemicals
  • Adjustable booms: Accommodates various field conditions
  • Ultimate precision: Precise control of application rates and sprayer speeds
  • Increased efficiency: Eliminates operator downtime and increases consistency
  • Time-tested and commercially proven: Reliable and effective in the field
  • Dimensions: 6′ 4″ tall, 23′ 6″ long, 8′ 4″ transport width, 15′ to 19′ adjustable width
  • Engine: Cummins F3.8 74hp Diesel (no DEF)
  • Fuel capacity: 90-gallon fuel cell with approximately 13 to 14-hour runtime
  • Tires: Multiple options to suit various needs
  • Material tank: 600-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Pump: Hydraulic drive centrifugal water pump

About GUSS

GUSS Automation, established in 1982 by Dave Crinklaw and his father Bob, has its roots in the agricultural sector with its venture, Crinklaw Farm Services (CFS). Over the years, the company has focused on developing innovative solutions to address agricultural challenges, such as the first 3 and 4-row vineyard sprayers, mechanical vineyard pruners, and the Tree-See orchard sprayer.

In 2007, the idea of an unmanned sprayer, GUSS (Global Unmanned Spray System), was conceptualized. By 2014, advancements in vehicle guidance technologies allowed GUSS to become a reality. The first units were delivered to customers in 2019, and GUSS Automation, LLC was formed as a separate business entity.

The company’s mission is to help farmers work more efficiently, enabling them to grow more food using fewer resources. With a team of agricultural industry veterans, innovators, and fabricators, GUSS is dedicated to increasing efficiency, precision, and safety in orchard sprayers through cutting-edge technology. Their headquarters and service hub are in Kingsburg, California, in the heart of the state’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley.

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The Herbicide GUSS autonomous robotic spray vehicle offers a comprehensive solution to modern orchard growers’ challenges. With its advanced weed detection technology, customizable configurations, labor reduction capabilities, and commitment to environmental sustainability, the Herbicide GUSS is poised to revolutionize the agricultural industry. By providing seamless integration with existing systems and being backed by the expertise of industry veterans, this innovative autonomous sprayer is a valuable addition to any orchard management strategy.