Topxgun FP300: High-Efficiency Agriculture Drone


The Topxgun FP300 is a high-efficiency agriculture drone with a 30-liter tank, 12 high-pressure nozzles, and advanced navigation and safety features, designed for precision farming.

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The TopXGun FP300 comes equipped with a 30L capacity tank, ensuring a spraying efficiency of up to 14.6 hectares per hour. It features an auto pressure relief valve and high-pressure nozzles to prevent drifting, supporting a centrifugal nozzle to avoid powder blockage. A full-range continuous level meter is integrated, displaying real-time levels on the app​​​​.

Enhanced Spreading Capability

This drone boasts a 45L container with a maximum 7m spreading range. Its air jet spreading system ensures even distribution without harming the seeds. The FP300 is IP67 rated, making it waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and is also equipped with a real-time weight monitoring system to prevent overloading​​​​.

User-Friendly Operation

The FP300 offers three operation modes: AB Points, full autonomous, and manual mode. It includes field surveying modes like RTK T-marker, drone surveying, and map selection. The high-definition touch-screen remote control is designed for continuous use of 6-8 hours, with high brightness for clear visibility outdoors. Additionally, the drone features border line scanning for automated route generation, ensuring no spray or spreading omission​​.

Robust and Durable Design

With a high-strength navigational aluminum frame, the FP300 ensures longevity and durability. Critical components are enclosed to keep out dust and agrochemicals. The battery boasts a life of more than 1000 cycles​​.

Advanced Safety Features

The drone is capable of detecting obstacles from 40 meters away and automatically circumventing them. It includes a terrain-following radar and obstacle avoidance radars for safer operation. Additionally, it is equipped with front and rear 720p HD FPVs, with the rear camera providing a real-time ground view​​.

Technical Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 30L
  • Container Capacity: 45L
  • Protection Level: IP67
  • Spray Width: 6-8m
  • Spreading Range: 1-7m
  • Working Efficiency: Up to 14.67 Ha/hr
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 8.1 L/min
  • Pressure Nozzle Number: 12
  • Operation Modes: AB Points, Autonomous, Manual
  • Surveying Modes: RTK T-marker, Drone Mapping
  • Battery Life: Over 1000 cycles
  • Obstacle Detection: Up to 40m

With over a decade of experience in flight control systems, TopXGun delivers reliable and efficient solutions for the agricultural sector.

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