Trimble Ag-Software for Agriculture

Timble Ag is a software designed for farmers,as well as Ag retailer and contractors. Get complete Farming solutions in your Android or iOS device.


Trimble Ag

Trimble introduced mobile enabled farming software (Trimble Ag) which can ease work of a farmer, Advisors, Ag Retailers as well as food processors. The software is very powerful and incorporates features such as crop planning, Cost-per-acre calculations, Precision prescription, varieties of seed, tank mixes, fertilizer usages etc.

The Trimble Ag software

Trimble Ag software helps farmers in importing data directly to the software due to their agreements with industry giants such as John Deere, CNH, New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect, AGCO VarioDoc , AgCommand Systems and others . This helps farmer in saving their time and assists in creating a zonal map for sowing seeds and further for crop protection and fertilizer usage. Furthermore, all this can easily be printed from any device and used for field reports. Moreover, software supports features such as Irrigation tracking, hardware integration with Trimble products, NDVI and others.

Download the app here.