XAG P40: Precision Agriculture Drone

The XAG P40 Agricultural Drone elevates precision farming with its advanced aerial survey and targeted spray technologies. It optimizes crop health and productivity for sustainable agriculture.


The XAG P40 Agricultural Drone represents a significant leap forward in the field of precision agriculture. By integrating advanced aerial technology with practical, user-friendly features, it offers a comprehensive solution to modern farming challenges. The P40 drone is engineered to enhance crop management, improve yields, and promote sustainable agricultural practices through efficient monitoring and precise application of treatments.

Advanced Aerial Capabilities for Precision Agriculture

The core strength of the XAG P40 lies in its advanced aerial capabilities, designed to provide farmers with detailed insights into their crops and fields. High-resolution imaging and data collection enable precise mapping and analysis, allowing for targeted interventions that can significantly boost crop health and productivity.

Precision Spraying System

One of the standout features of the P40 is its precision spraying system. This system is meticulously designed to apply liquids, such as fertilizers and pesticides, with pinpoint accuracy. By minimizing drift and ensuring that treatments are only applied where needed, the P40 reduces waste and environmental impact, making it an invaluable tool for sustainable farming practices.

Efficient Crop Monitoring

With its high-resolution cameras and sophisticated sensors, the P40 drone excels at monitoring crop health and detecting issues early on. This capability allows farmers to make informed decisions quickly, addressing problems before they affect yield. The efficiency of the P40 in covering large areas in a short time frame significantly reduces the labor and time traditionally required for crop monitoring.

Enhancing Farm Productivity

The XAG P40 is not just about monitoring and treatment application; it’s also a tool for enhancing overall farm productivity. Its ability to quickly gather and analyze data means that farmers can optimize their practices in real-time, adjusting to the needs of their crops with unprecedented precision.

Sustainable Agriculture

The P40 supports sustainable agriculture by ensuring that resources are used efficiently and with minimal waste. Its targeted spraying system and the ability to monitor crop health closely contribute to a reduction in the use of water, fertilizers, and pesticides, promoting a healthier environment and reducing costs for farmers.

Technical Specifications

  • Flight Time: Up to 30 minutes, allowing for extensive coverage of large areas without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Payload Capacity: Capable of carrying up to 10 kg, making it suitable for a variety of spraying tasks.
  • Operation Range: Offers an operation range of up to 5 km, ensuring wide-area coverage with precision.
  • Spray System: Features precision nozzles with adjustable droplet sizes to suit different types of treatments and crops.
  • Navigation: Utilizes both GPS and GLONASS systems for accurate positioning and mapping.

About XAG

XAG is a pioneer in the agricultural technology sector, committed to developing solutions that improve the efficiency and sustainability of farming worldwide. Founded in China, XAG has rapidly grown into a global leader in the field, with a history of innovation and a deep commitment to research and development.

A Global Vision for Agriculture

With operations spanning across multiple continents, XAG has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in agriculture globally. This broad outlook informs the development of products like the P40, which are designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers around the world.

For more information on XAG and their innovative solutions, please visit: XAG’s website.