Sentera Omni Ag ($16,995)


The Omni Ag Drone, equipped with a Sentera Double 4K sensor, revolutionizes agriculture data collection by capturing high-resolution RGB, NIR, and NDVI data from any angle. Its intuitive design, real-time LiveNDVI Video streaming, and versatile payload compatibility make it an essential tool for efficient and effective agriculture management.


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Introducing the Omni™ Ag Drone with Sentera Double 4K Sensor

The Omni Ag Drone is an innovative and powerful quadcopter UAV designed for agriculture inspection, mapping, and data collection. Equipped with a fully gimbaled mount and the Sentera Double 4K sensor, the Omni Ag Drone can capture high-resolution RGB, NIR, and NDVI data from virtually any angle, providing unparalleled crop health insights for growers, agronomists, and crop consultants.

Revolutionizing Agriculture Data Collection

The Omni Ag Drone accepts multiple payloads to suit any application and is designed to revolutionize the agriculture industry with its LiveNDVI Video livestreaming capability. This allows users to make on-the-fly decisions based on real-time NDVI imagery.

Easy to operate, the Omni Ag Drone package includes two controllers: one for maneuvering the Double 4K sensor, and another for manually flying the drone and controlling DJI payloads. When flying autonomously, the number of operators needed depends on the payloads used.

The Sentera Omni drone also offers simultaneous capture of thermal, NDVI, and high-resolution imagery, providing a comprehensive and robust plant health analysis. With the ability to quickly detect and diagnose potential issues, the Omni Ag Drone is an essential tool for efficient and effective agriculture management.

Key Features of the Sentera Omni Ag Drone

  • LiveNDVI™ Video streaming for real-time crop health analysis
  • Easy and intuitive flight control
  • Highly compatible platform, integrating multiple sensors
  • Simultaneous NIR & RGB data collection
  • In-flight data processing for rapid image collection
  • Low-distortion optics for high-quality imagery
  • Livestreaming 4K video with 8x zoom
  • Two controllers for seamless drone and payload operation
  • Autonomous and manual flight modes for versatile usage

Tech Specifications

  • Gross takeoff weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
  • Diagonal size: 27.5 in (69.85 cm)
  • Height: 11.25 in (28.58 cm)
  • Cruise speed: 15 m/s (29 kts)
  • Hover time: 25 minutes
  • Sensor: Double 4K Ag Sensor with 12.3MP RGB and NIR resolution, Live 4K video, 30Hz max photo rate, and 64 GB storage
  • Max coverage: 160 acres @ 400 ft altitude, 80 acres @ 200 ft altitude
  • Mount: Zenmuse gimbal
  • Radio frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz
  • Compatible payloads: Sentera Double 4K, DJI Zenmuse X3, Z3, and XT
  • Safety: Customer-enabled Failsafe RTH (Return-to-Home) feature
  • Case: Custom hard-sided case included

Paired with the Sentera Double 4K sensor, the Omni omnidirectional inspection drone becomes even more powerful with two zoom levels or simultaneous capture of high-resolution RGB, NIR, and NDVI data. Perfect for inspection, survey & mapping, agriculture or anywhere you need to collect high-precision data from many angles. Elevate your agriculture data collection capabilities with the Omni Ag Drone and Sentera Double 4K Sensor.

Here’s a live video of NDVI of Sentera: