Zeddy 1250: Precision Animal Feeder

Zeddy 1250 ensures optimal nutrition for livestock with precise, controlled feeding, suitable for a range of farm animals.


The Evolution of Livestock Feeding

The Zeddy 1250 is not merely a feeder; it is a comprehensive animal feeding solution. Designed with precision and care for livestock, this state-of-the-art feeder is engineered to change the way farmers approach animal nutrition. It provides a standalone, towable unit capable of housing 1.25 cubic meters of dry feed, delivering tailored nutrition to a herd of up to 200 animals including cows, calves, deer, and goats. By recognizing individual animals through RFID ear tags, it administers precise feed portions, ensuring each animal receives its specific dietary requirements without the common waste associated with traditional feeding methods​.

Its smart technology allows for real-time adjustments and monitoring of feed consumption, enabling farmers to optimize growth rates and health while minimizing feed costs. Instant alerts keep you informed of any anomalies, thereby offering a proactive approach to herd management​​.

Streamlined Control for Optimal Nutrition

The Zeddy 1250’s sophisticated system ensures that farmers can control and monitor feed parameters from anywhere, directly on their smartphones or computers.

This level of control helps maintain consistent feed quality and quantity, guaranteeing that animals start their lives with the best nutrition possible, reducing the incidence of illness, and fostering a uniformly healthy stock​​.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: Holds 1.25 cubic meters of dry feed.
  • Animal Identification: Employs RFID technology for precise animal identification.
  • Feed Customization: Allows for customizable feed diets per animal.
  • Remote Management: Manages and monitors feeding through a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Feed Efficiency: Designed to minimize feed waste and overfeeding.
  • Optimal Growth: Supports consistent and healthy animal development.
  • Award Recognition: Winner of the Southern Rural Life Innovation Award​​.

Acknowledged Excellence and Innovation

The Zeddy 1250 has garnered attention and praise within the agricultural community, notably winning the Southern Rural Life Innovation Award, which signifies its impact and usefulness in modern farming practices.

It is celebrated for its meticulous design, enabling efficient feed management and contributing to the elimination of feed wastage. Its four augurs and stalls system dispenses the allocated feed amount as animals are identified, thereby streamlining the feeding process and promoting even growth rates across herds​.

About Zeddy

About Zeddy: Established in 2014, Zeddy has quickly risen to prominence as a manufacturer of automatic calf milk feeding systems and meal feeders. As a subsidiary of the Ellison Group, it’s at the forefront of agricultural innovation, focusing on simplifying and enhancing the feeding process with cutting-edge technology. The Zeddy 1250 is the culmination of this innovation, embodying the company’s mission to reduce waste, improve animal health, and make farm management as efficient as possible​​.

Founders Shane Parlato and Pearse McGoughan have brought their vision to life with the Zeddy 1250, demonstrating a keen understanding of the challenges faced by modern farmers. Their product reflects a dedication to sustainability and efficiency, providing a tool that aligns with the needs of both the animals and the farmers who care for them. The team’s passion for agricultural innovation continues to drive Zeddy’s success and its contribution to smarter farming practices worldwide​.


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