Promus: Farm-to-Table Distributor

Promus connects restaurants with local farms, offering a transparent, daily selection of fresh, authentic products for improved farm-to-table dining experiences.


Promus redefines the connection between local farms and restaurants by providing a streamlined, transparent distribution of farm-fresh products. Through its innovative platform, Promus enables restaurants to source high-quality local ingredients easily, enhancing the dining experience with the freshest, most authentic flavors available.

Understanding Promus’s Service Model

Promus operates on a simple yet impactful premise: connecting the richness of local terroirs directly to gastronomy professionals. This model not only supports local agriculture but also helps restaurants elevate their culinary offerings with the freshest ingredients sourced daily.

Direct from Farm to Table

The core of Promus’s service is its direct link with local producers. Restaurants gain access to a diverse array of fresh, seasonal products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy items, all sourced from farms within a 100-kilometer radius whenever possible. This proximity ensures that all products, from root vegetables to artisan cheeses, maintain their optimal flavor and nutritional value by the time they reach the kitchen.

Tailored for Culinary Excellence

Promus understands the dynamic needs of modern kitchens, offering features like:

  • Flexible Ordering: Chefs can place orders up until 2 AM, with the assurance of same-day delivery, aligning with the unpredictable nature of restaurant demand.
  • Seasonal Selections: Weekly updates of product offerings encourage chefs to introduce seasonal specialties into their menus, promoting culinary innovation and guest satisfaction.

Technical Specifications

  • Platform Accessibility: Web and mobile interfaces for seamless ordering.
  • Delivery Schedule: Guaranteed same-day delivery for orders placed by 2 AM, from Monday to Saturday.
  • Product Categories: Over 1,000 references, including specialty meats and seasonal produce.

Promoting Sustainability and Transparency

Promus is deeply committed to sustainable practices. By reducing the food supply chain’s length, the company minimizes carbon emissions and promotes environmental stewardship. Additionally, Promus offers full transparency about food origins, cultivating trust and loyalty among restaurant clients and their patrons.

About Promus

Founded in France, Promus has quickly become a pivotal player in local food distribution by prioritizing close relationships with both farmers and restaurateurs. The company’s approach goes beyond mere distribution; it includes active support for sustainable agricultural practices and local economies. Promus’s efforts to educate and involve its community in the journey from farm to table reflect its deep commitment to transforming the food supply system into one that values quality, community, and sustainability.

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