Yamaha Unmanned Helicopters

Yamaha has launched two unmanned helicopter series viz RMAX and FAZER. These helicopters are designed for industrial use and for use in agriculture.


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Yamaha RMAX helicopter
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Yamaha has been a well-known name in areas of automobile, musical instruments, industrial robots, sports equipment and others. In 1997, when unmanned aerial vehicle was a rocket science for layman, Yamaha stepped into this field. Over the past two decades, Yamaha helicopters have proven their reliability and high performance in area of precision agriculture. By 2014, there were 2600 Yamaha helicopters operating worldwide with 2.4 million acres of farmland treated in Japan alone, every year.
Following the response of RMAX, Yamaha launched FAZER series of remotely operated helicopters. Fazer has an increased payload capacity and is loaded with newly designed transmitter and control systems for easy operation. Further, a fuel injected 4 stroke engine keeps the emissions lower and operates quietly.


RMAX is used in agriculture for accomplishing tasks of seeding, spraying and variable rate dispersal etc. A liquid sprayer can be easily mounted and used for optimal dispersal. The RMAX type II G is armed with a warning system which is activated when flying speed is in excess of 20km per hour during the spraying process. On both sides there are two 8 liter tanks made up of translucent polypropylene, allowing instant visual inspection. With special nozzle optimization in RMAX type II G, the discharge rate is automatically adjusted depending on the flying speed of the helicopter. Also, it is possible to suppress flow of chemicals from the nozzles to avoid contact with the rotors. The standard dispersal width is 7.5m when both the left and right nozzles are in use. It can be adjusted by selecting optional attachments. A granular sprayer can be used for spraying coated grains and fertilizers.

The helicopter is equipped with Yamaha Altitude control system (YACS) and GPS. They provide an enhanced flight stability, and precise speed and hoovering control. These systems provide a simple operation as well as autopilot precision features such as exact terrain following, accurate course navigation and automated crop spray are made possible. The helicopter also has safety features such as if aircraft losses its signal then it returns to its predetermined site or an easy switching to manual control is also possible. Thus, Yamaha aims at increased efficient working without sacrificing safety. A detailed specification about RMAX helicopter can be obtained from the company website.

Following RMAX series, Yamaha launched FAZER series of helicopters. With widened exhaust and better compensation ratio it produces a better output. Further, a new 3D wing shaped tail rotor designed with assistance from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) gives a better aerodynamics. Fazer R G2 has a 3.2 gallon fuel tank to help it cruise for up to 100 minutes or 90 km whereas, the old RMAX only had a 3km range. A detailed specification about FAZER helicopter can be obtained from the company website


Thus, RMAX of FAZER helicopters are designed to improve the usage of technology in precision agriculture. These helicopters can be further equipped with better cameras and sensors to keep up with the ever growing development of Unmanned aerial vehicles.


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